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Seven Samurai, by James Sogi

Kurosawa's all time classic Seven Samurai is a 3.5 hour story of samurai hired to defend farmers from bandits in 15th century Japan during a period of 200 years of social unrest and economic collapse. (And you thought the recent recession in Japan was bad). Kurosawa explores complex themes of the samurai's disdain for the duplicitous peasants and the peasants' ultimate lifestyle victory over the landless samurai. Great cinematographic inventions of the cavalry riding over the hill on the horizon seen in hundreds of movies including Star Wars scene with the droid army work dramatically. This is the first cinematic use of the plot of gathering a "band"  together for a mission impossible inspiring dozens of copies. The samurai use brilliant military strategies against a numerically superior foe such as isolating and dividing the enemy, good advance preparation, allowing a weak point to lure the enemy in to trap them, impersonation to infiltrate enemy lines. A few market tidbits, of course...."When only defending, you lose the war." "When things seem safe, danger strikes."