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06/18/06: In Honor of an Engineer: My Friend, Mike Dornheim
03/06/06: Latest Pronouncement from Omaha
02/24/06: Excerpts from Gone With the Wind
01/20/06: O Henry Tale for Speculators
12/12/05: In Memory of My Mother (July 10, 1924-Dec. 12, 2004)
11/29/05: Prague. A visit to the Middle Ages
11/25/05: Vienna. A student investment club opens the city's doors to culture, history and and intellectual treasures in exchange for a Spec Duo presentation
09/17/05: Film Review: Music from the Inside Out
09/01/05: Summer 2005 Notes: Oldheartedness in the Mara; Giants at the U.S. Open; Barcelona; Death in UNESCO-Occupied Venice
06/28/05: A Niederhoffer in History
03/07/05:  Street Life in London circa 1876
03/05/05:  Super-Complex Market Speak
01/10/05:  From the Bluenatic Fringe: The Left's Call to End Consumer Spending
12/12/05:  Obit: My Mother, Mildred Kenner
11/03/04:  A Perfect Prediction
10/29/04:  Unresolved Sevenths
07/01/04:  Film Reviews; Hollywood to America: Bring Back the Dark Ages
06/27/04:  Yanks 8, Mets 1; The Outlook from Yankee Stadium
06/19/04:  Book Review: Testosterone Inc.: Tales of CEOs Gone Wild.
03/31/04:  Book Review: Give Me A Break
03/28/04:  Book Review: Market Panic
02/09/04:  Review of Queen of Spades
01/27/04:  Review of Boris Gudunov
01/25/04:  Night At The Opera
08/02/03:  Asia Chronicles
05/05/03:  The Tree Thread: Survival
12/31/02:  A Year of Travel

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