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Ever-Changing Cycles

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Robert L. Bacon and The Law of Ever-Changing Cycles

Few players take into consideration the principle of ever-changing cycles of results. The would-be professional player must always understand that the form moves away from the public’s knowledge. -- Robert L. Bacon, Secrets of Professional Turf Betting

Familiarity with the law of ever-changing cycles, expressed for the first time by the racetrack bettor Robert L. Bacon, is the keystone of modern speculation. Unfortunately, Bacon's Secrets of Professional Turf Betting (Brattleboro, Vermont, Amerpub Co., 1956) has long been out of print. In the early Naughties, sightings were rare, and we can lay a modest claim to this state of affairs, as we cited Bacon extensively in Education of a Speculator and Practical Speculation, as well as in our columns. The situation changed for the better with the growth of the Internet; in February 2006, Jean Paul Schmetz, founder of the used-book search engine www.abebooks.com, told us that copies are to be found there at reasonable prices.

Until some wise publisher issues a reprint, we are pleased to offer some pertinent excerpts from Chapter 5, “The Principle of Ever-Changing Cycles.”