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Kim Zussman: Homage to the Market Mistress

There once was a girl named I Lean
Her dress hugging curves with a sheen
She's say to the boys
"I will tip for some noise"
And they'd jump up and down in a scene

One day floated down  her kerchief
And a boy knelt and gave it a whiff
He handed it back
Without making attack
So she winked him and gave him a gift

"Come close and I'll give you a task"
"You can sharpen your ax on my ask"
"And if you don't bid"
"You'll be sorry you did"
"And then wind up you will in a cask"

I paused for a moment in thought
Is this what I really should ought?
But then in a while
Came out with a smile
It is time that I stand up and bought!

But then once I decided to bite
There arose from beneath such a fright
A venomous snake
Striking head not a fake
Do I run now or stay here and fight?

We grappled and rolled on the grass
I reached down and grabbed for her Asp
And then with a sickle
Cut off the foul pickle
Which shriveled in blood with a gasp

"I've something to say 'fore I die"
Said the girl while closing her eye
"You are strong in a battle"
"Don't confuse all the prattle"
"And the secrets of markets will fly"