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Various Doctors, by Dr. Kim Zussman

Long ago, while married into a family of self-worshipers, each and every weekend was spent at one or another relatives. The sister, mother, grandparents, grand-sister of half-uncle. No need for friends since there was no time for them.

Such dungeons are crucibles for active minds that want to know, and invention was required. Around the same time some automobiles were available with "heads up display": Patterned after fighter jets, at night speedometer and other gauges project onto the bottom of the driver-side windshield, such that one could see the instruments without taking eyes off the road.

Aha! Relative specs! Eyeglass-wearers forced into relativity could have special glasses with heads-up display (only visible to the wearer), teleprompting reading material along the bottom margin of the scene. All you need is a mini wi-fi receiver, and semi-transparent LCD lenses (tell 'em you're coming down with glaucoma). While grand-aunt smarms the fascinating tale of her cat, you can daven along with feigned interest, all the while scouring the SSRN archives for alpha.

Since gum surgery all day leaves most of the CPU idle, it is not that different from working in a low-wattage Swiss patent office. So one feels pity for colleagues in the psychological arts, who are paid to listen (to those spurned by other listeners) and are duly thwarted from the pursuit of mult-tasking.

Besides psychotherapy practice, such specs might also be useful during billable hours for lawyers listening to tales of woe, or Fed chairs reviewing images of financial anchors.