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Ambushes and Signals, by Dr. Kim Zussman

  1. The dentist next door comes over to tell about 40% a week on a penny stock, and asks whether he should sell now so as to not be greedy.
  2. The contractor across the street is super-sizing the McMansion with yet another addition, paid under the table to his work crew with the proceeds of real-estate bull market that only a fool would have missed.
  3. The only index rising is the one I don't own.
  4. The individual stocks are like multple kids at graduation with none receiving awards.
  5. Any woman excitedly told about results of a recent study asks "Yes, but are you making money?".
  6. Every social gathering's perfunctory house tour has plentiful examples of handimanhood, followed by ritual post-social admonitions about such viruosities.
  7. Random fond memories of prior hobbies that rarely frustrated, in lapidary, metalworking, electronics, gynodontics, and other natural sciences.