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Kim Zussman


Binary and Markets, by Dr. Kim Zussman

  1. Me vs. you
  2. Buy and hold vs. market timing
  3. Indexing vs. stock selection
  4. Asset allocation vs. wazoo leverage
  5. Sell winners vs. buy winners
  6. Buy losers vs. sell losers
  7. Buy pain vs. sell pain
  8. Buy blood in the streets vs. all streets are bloody
  9. Real money is made long term vs. not
  10. Trending is bad vs. trending is good
  11. Stocks go up long term vs. short life-spans
  12. Risk can be outsmarted vs. risk is always smarter
  13. Variance is bigger than you think vs. heroes don't worry (dead < live)
  14. If you're right you can kiss her vs. kiss off

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