Riggs V. Kramer, from Sam Marx

January 27, 2015 |

 Living in N.J. and PA, I encountered 2 heavy snowfalls in my lifetime both at least 24 inches.

The snowfall of Dec. 26, '47 was memorable for I remember as a 15 yr. old trudging through the snow almost at crotch height that evening to the candy store, 2 blocks away at around 7 PM.

It was already dark but the streetlights reflecting off the snow created an eerie glow.

I wanted to watch a heavily publicized tennis match from Madison Garden between Jack Kramer, the wunderkind amateur tennis champion, Wimbledon Champion, Davis Cup Capt. and winner, and Bobby Riggs the professional champ.

It was the first match between them at the beginning of a nationwide tour.

With all the publicity Kramer received, I thought he was going to whop Riggs. Riggs won. I learned don't bet against a champ.

Because of all the snow, I thought that Madison Sq. Garden would be empty, but it had a decent crowd.

Why did I go to the candy store to watch tv ?

It was 1947 and that was the only tv set in the neighborhood.

Kramer eventually won the tour by changing his strategy, rushing to the net after serve.

Kramer became the dominant player for the next ten years, and Riggs became a colorful hustler. 





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