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January 15, 2015 |

1. The Swiss franc is up about 17% this morning. This is unprecedented in recent history. That is a BLACK SWAN. A BLACK SWAN is an event that you have not read to be predicted on Zero Hedge or anywhere else. This cannot happen without reverberations — and could be destabilizing — and volatility inducing in unexpected places.

2. This could be the ultimate no-confidence vote in the Euro currency.

3. It makes Bitcoin's move of 23% yesterday look quaint.

anonymous writes:

The most obvious conclusions to draw:

1) Further downward pressure on the Euro currency
2) Further downward pressure on global yield curves
3) Further loss of confidence in central banks

More derivative thoughts to consider:

a. Impact of forced liquidation of short CHF trades and potential subsequent reduction in risk and positions b. Impact on CHF funding trades in places like Hungary and Poland c. Impact on Swiss economy given where the currency and rates settle d. Impact on SNB flows e. Impact on ECB meeting next week in terms of QE





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