Vinyl Records, from James Sogi

January 12, 2015 |

 I recently connected a turntable to my professional sound system with equalizers, subwoofers, and running two 1700 watt power amps. I have a collection of several hundred vintage vinyl records from the 60s on. I was amazed anew at how full and involving the analog sound is. You can hear the wood tones in the guitar of George Benson. It makes you feel like lying down and just listening to the music, or dancing. That just doesn't happen with CD's or digital content. The digital sound algorithms leave out some of the feeling and nuance of the sound. Boosting the bass does nothing but cover the lack of content in the other registers. Also, they vinyl has lasted for 50 years with excellent quality. The art on the covers is fascinating. Meanwhile, my cd's have dissolved, the cases broken, and been transferred to hard drive and lacks the same fidelity.





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