You always knew where you stood with Ed. He didn't mince words.

And you always knew what he stood for and believed in. His debate style was very much scorched earth which alienated many. But he was forgiving and quickly forgot the interactions ready to move on with the relationship.

On a few occasions Ed and I tangled….and he would usually (always) eviscerate me.

But from these interactions, I learned that I either needed to shore up my beliefs/positions with stronger/better research….or……..was forced to recognize the cognitive dissonance that was bouncing around in my head from the new information/POV Ed would expose me to.

But what I found most interesting about this man that I never met in person was the kindness he was capable of…..and the layers of his kindness.

On the list, he was always rough and tumble and ready to rumble and deflate what he saw as ballyhoo.

On private emails he was often cryptic and quick to criticize. But I never took the criticizer personally. I saw it as generosity…him giving of his time to help learn what was so obvious to him….but elusive to a mere mortal such as myself.

On Gmail chats, though, he was a nice guy. He was a like a coach/teacher helping me to learn and grow and come to my own conclusions (with his guidance, of course).

But on the phone….well that was a different story. He was a larger than life figure with a booming but kind voice. He was always glad to spend a few minutes talking. And even though we never met, I always felt like I was an "old friend" when we spoke.

For some reason, when I think of Ed and his emphatic beliefs and ability to express those beliefs, I always thought of that firebrand founding father, Patrick Henry.

Ed was a founding father of our group, so in his memory, I leave you with Patrick Henry's most famous speech.






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