Sarkozy appears on track to win the French elections in April. This is something I have been tracking for the past three years, since Sarkozy distanced himself from Chirac and started vocally turning away from the traditional European socialist model of political economy and towards free markets etc.

Could the French electorate finally be willing to push back against socialism? Will they finally begin to sell off state-controlled companies? Is there concern for Airbus's continued state support in Europe? Is this an indicator of a broader trend in Europe?

The questions and potential ramifications of a Sarkozy win in France are staggering and endless.

George Zachar responds:

Sarkozy has made lots of recent statements that leave him firmly in the "democratic socialist" part of the political spectrum. He's not overtly hard-left like Royal, but his election would hardly be a mandate for what Americans would term free markets.

Roger Arnold replies:

Relative to US standards you're right. But he's also running for office and needs consensus. The fact that he is even in the running, let alone in the lead, is an indication of a change in sentiment in France by the electorate with respect to the trajectory their current policies have them on.

The fact that his lead is increasing is an indication of his migration to the middle as the election approaches.

Bruno Ombreux writes:

I am watching this by necessity since I am in France. Sarkozy has not won yet. I think it will be a very close call.

The guy has courage. He is running his campaign on the theme the "party is over, time to get back to work." Problem is that the French people have had their minds washed by the leftist media and school system since 1968. So a big part of the electorate might not be prepared to give up socialism.

And Sarkozy, like all French politicians, remains a statist. I support him, however, because he is the less worse choice. And if he is elected and can get the country back to work, even a bit, that would be great.

The biggest change could be seen abroad, not domestically — in foreign policy, since Sarkozy is pro-USA and pro-Israel.


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