I know we've done a million studies showing the full moon doesn't predict squat about the market, but tonight's blood red moon full eclipse sure was accompanied by big moves in the market. Do you think a lot of people happened to be up watching the moon and figured, might as well do something crazy in the market? Hospitals and cops both say full moon is a busy time for them.

anonymous writes: 

But full/new moons do influence stock prices theres even a Fed Reserve paper on it.

Jordan Neuman writes: 

This full moon coincides with the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot. I posted on the site two or three years ago that the period actually saw decent gains.  The saw about selling before Rosh Hashannah and buying before Yom Kippur had validity. It worked again this year.





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  1. Craig Bowles on October 12, 2014 1:56 pm

    People aren’t the only beings affected by full moons. Horse races are more unpredictable. You’ll often see upsets near full moons. You bet a strong horse that comes out of the far turn in perfect position and it just dies half way down the stretch. The horse runs like he was up all night and probably was.

    The studies on full moons normally focus on the stock market. Commodity reversals often come around full moons but I haven’t seen anything written on the subject.

    On another note, the 7-year cycle for the stock market suggests a possible bounce back in November and then a really rough patch between Christmas and mid-2015. The 20-day Call/Put average is behaving more like 2011’s downturn after reaching 2x. Wonder if the various central banks are going to run their monetary base growth rates back over 50%? Wonder how many times they can do that before it quits working?


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