I have read about these top five regrets of the dying, and have wondered whether they might apply to myself.

I wonder whether people are all that similar. I observe vast differences amongst people, not only from individual to individual, but more importantly from groups to groups. There can be endless ways to group people: by social status, economic status, life style, fundamental belief, spirituality, sociableness, sensibleness, courageousness, risk tolerance, consciousness, and etc, falling under the normal bell curve with the majority of the people near the mean of each distribution. People near the mean of one gauge might be at the outlier of another gauge.

It is also not difficult to imagine that the answers to each of these regret questionnaires also fall under the bell curve. So the top answers are nothing more than a representation of the people close to the mean. Should one care to be normal? Or when they say, "I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me", should one simply say to himself, "I should have the courage to have my own wishes, not the ones most others had"?


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