I was thinking about some outdoor adventure type books that I liked that are also big sellers and what they have in common. Books like Into the Wild, Last of the Mountain Men about Sylvan Hart, Castaway by Lucy Irvine, An Island to Oneself by Tom Neale, Rivers Ran East, Jungle by Ginsberg, etc.

Some of these books probably provided a nice income to the author for decades. Into the Wild has been out for 20 years and still sells large amounts. Castaway provided Irvine enough money to live on for 30 years.

To be mercenary about it and try to copy success (which is how Will Smith has made so many successful movies, I've read) how could one backward-engineer a similar big seller? Some of these require tragedy: into the wild, rivers ran east, jungle. Some require interesting characters doing extraordinary things: castaway, island to oneself, last of mountain men. Some are first person. Some are reporting about someone else.

Unless I stumble upon a tragic figure like the 'into the wild' guy, I would probably have to use the 'interesting characters doing extraordinary things' approach. (here are some characters doing extraordinary things).

All this may or may not fit in with what I see as a growing trend/unmet demand for subjects like: hobos, nomads, societal drop outs, mountain men, off grid, alternative housing/living, tiny homes, frugal, DIY, minimalism, simple living, anti consumerism, ….and many other keywords I can't think of right now. There are tv shows on mountain men, preppers, alaskan bush people, and a new one coming on tiny homes.

Can you think of other big seller examples? How could one backward-engineer a similar big seller? What other thoughts pop into your head?

Bo Keely replies:

You've articulated an interesting answer to why some adventure books succeed while most fall along the wayside these days. Along that line, three days ago a phd english Iquitos ex-´pat began my biography using a little business recently began. His package of a 10k word biography (or you may call it an autobiography with him as ghost writer) includes publication of a book with pics at amazon.com for a total fee of $1k, or 10 cents per word. Mine is running over the 10k but he says about the same, that since I'm an interesting character doing off-the-wall things that provide worldly solutions to common problems, the biography could do well. He works fast, should be done in three weeks. 





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