Tennis, from Craig Mee

July 8, 2014 |

 It could have been one of Fed's greatest ever victories, an absolutely amazing comeback to take it to the 5th. However I think his age and fitness let him down. He was all over Novak in the early part of the 5th with Novak in trouble receiving treatment….and the Fed let him off the hook. (It must have taken it all out of the Fed to get to this point, but now was not the time to let up). Then he then got beat as the younger player gained his footing. A lesson to us all. If you're in trouble in a market you're well experienced in, don't stop out at breakeven when it counts…. push harder when you smell blood and be prepared for a long night.

One further thing that should be mentioned is the very big edge Novak had in the 5th set was that he served first. An even larger reason for the need for the Fed to score an early break when Novak's body was in trouble, since one slip up from the Fed and a break to Novak and there was no way back.

Whether it's time until the close or a pending announcement, always know where your risk lies, and like a runner doing interval training, know the optimum times to push and times to back off. 





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