In looking at the S&P 100 index members which have earned a median of about 15% for last 5 years, not counting the recent additions, and not counting those that were dropped which were probably few, one notes a surprising number very close to 100 as of date:

company name/ price

Amgen 117

Raytheon 98

United Tech 120

Berk Hath b 128

Anadarko Pet. 103

General Dynam 121

United Parcel 103

Johnson and J 103

Schlumberger 106

Chevron 124

Mcdonalds 101

Occ Pete 100

Exxon 102

The question emerges whether this is a random phenomenon at 13 out of 95 or whether there is an inordinate flow to 100. The related question emerges as to whether a stock that breaks through 100 from below tends to outperform versus one that breaks through from above. The crisp files should answer this readily.


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