A protein, named after the youngest of the Greek "Fates" responsible for spinning the "thread of life", is being studied for its beneficial effects on longevity and cognitive faculties. One wonders what the implications and positive effects of a 6 point or more increase in IQ might be for individuals or societies–a fun thought experiment.

1. "The 3% Solution"

What they found was startling. KL-VS did not curb decline, but it did boost cognitive faculties regardless of a person's age by the equivalent of about six IQ points. If this result, just published in Cell Reports, is confirmed, KL-VS will be the most important genetic agent of non-pathological variation in intelligence yet discovered.

2. A scientific paper on the subject

Whether factors that prolong life can also prevent, delay, or counteract neural dysfunction associated with aging and disease is a critical question with therapeutic implications…


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