Over a decade ago, when I was speaking to VC guys (I think most of the private equity universe is in the losing money business. I am in the making money business, so we were unable to get anywhere) and how what these guys saw as the application of my creation — things like a better voice tree, or other imbecilic applications (Siri being about the best one out there yet, but even that is a far cry), I would pull my hair out in frustration. Even the world's largest transactional law firm, whose head told me "I don't know if there is a market for it, but if there is, we can market it," could not be penetrated to see the applications. And it occurred then to me– and we are seeing this manifest — that the replacement of humans by machine is happening very, very incrementally, almost imperceptibly, as opposed to an abrupt "leap" as I believe Turing had hoped.

Ultimately, dumb people are still cheaper than smarter machines, and ultimately, the investment required to make this a reality won't be decide by people, but by the machines themselves.


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