Much of the reason many people go to college is to get away from their parents' house, meet people, drink with them, and have sex with them. I think this is true at both higher and lower quality colleges. I think only the meeting people portion is available with online education. I think this will help physical colleges endure the competition from online colleges for a long time.

Companies that produce online content (classes) may do very well. They can sell the same content to many colleges, which can cut costs of live professors, while colleges can operate a "movie theater/college campus" offering all the attractions of a traditional college but with lower professor expenses. Ditto for selling content to primary schools and high schools, especially for specialized classes for which a local expert/teacher is not available in many geographic areas.





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  1. anonymous on April 29, 2014 8:42 pm

    Mr. Gifford

    What you are saying make absolutely no sense. I would appear that you have some kind of a sexual hangup and perhaps you are lonely. What is your direct experience with online classes? How many online classes have you taken? Why do you find it necessary to put such a photo with your post? I thought you were very happy in your present relationship with your boss. Has something happened to undermine this relationship? Is that why you posted this?


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