I've been more than pleased with my new Kindle Fire HDx for books, documentaries and in general. It's nearly everything a traveler could want.

I bought 3 collapsible keyboards to test each and two are v. good. They're the size of a tiny paperback book but unfold to nearly full size keyboard and are remote. Easy fast typing. The two are about $30 Verbatum and Basic Bluetooth. The kindle itself is as fast as most computers for net and email, much faster than latin computers.

Also I bought a couple $20 solar chargers that are half the size of a cigarette box each, and a cigarette lighter charger. The whole system weights about 2 lb. and fits in a pocket. It can theoretically go hiking and if lost write memoirs. The documents are automatically stored on the internet 'cloud' at the first wireless contact as the corpse is lowered into the ground.

It also reads stories to me, and transcribes speech pretty well into a document. There are dozens of perks including the best, nearly instant live support by email, phone or chat that I've encountered since Home Depot. I get free shipping at amazon for weeks that has saved a hundred bucks on books & stuff in the past month. I've begun watching free full length movies & documentaries at night on either the kindle or computer. The kindle has been like falling into a heaven except they don't include a user's manual with the original device. U have to think enuf to go online for a free one just to learn how to turn it on.





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  1. Anonymous on April 8, 2014 1:41 am

    Hello Bo, how does the kindle stack up against the ipad in your opinion?

  2. georg on April 11, 2014 2:35 pm

    A journal pocket diary notebook costs anywhere from $5 to $20 on ebay, needs no batteries or electricity, weighs less than a pound, and can fit nicely in a Rick Steves traveling back door bag. All one need is something to jot down your thoughts like a pencil or pen or crayon or sharpie marker. Since I’m independent and self-sufficient, I made my own pen using a turkey feather, and I made my own ink using blackberries, salt, and vinegar. :D


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