I read over the weekend about Al Oerter and Lance Larson. Their stories are pretty amazing.

They were both Olympic gold medalists as young men who, after either a long break of almost a decade or professional retirement, returned to the sport.

Amazingly, Oerter after ten years got back in the Olympic team and beat all his old records. Similarly, Larson beat most of the times he produced twenty years earlier when swimming as a master.

Other examples of mature mastery are Sir Christopher Wren who built 52 churches and retired at 86, after which he spent 5 years pursuing literature and astronomy. Cato at 80 studied Greek and Plutarch, at a similar age, Latin. Verdi wrote Othello at 74 and wrote Falstaff at 80.





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  1. Richard Owen on April 7, 2014 12:55 pm

    We should also not forget the estimable Mr. Pete Peterson who, after being fired from Lehman Brothers, founded Blackstone aged sixty. That worked out pretty well for him!


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