In honor of the President of the Old Speculators Club. "The Duck Hunter's Book" by Lamar Underwood

Remembrances of the good old duck hunter's days by Gene Hill: your good wife downstairs in the kitchen making oatmeal and maybe a buttermilk biscuit or two to tamp the whole thing down. Along about half pas three, with the second cup of coffee in yur hand you'd be out on the porch semilling the wind like an eger hound. Your wife sees the timeless excitement in your face and takes pleasure in the fact there's still a lot of boy that's living in the man she married years ago. I hope she'll be the one to hear my horse's hooves striking sparts from the frrozen road and come out say hellow when I stop to pick you up– with a hot cup and maybe a biscuit or two.





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  1. John Neufeldt on April 2, 2014 1:05 pm

    “Semilling the wind” ? “… like an eger hound” ? After I looked up both semilling and eger, I had to conclude that the most likely explanation is that your spell checker leaves something to be desired…. Unless there was some secret message embedded in your writing, relating to grapes and wine and perhaps the current bull market being in danger (the town of Eger in Hungary is famous for a particular type of “Bull’s Blood” wine and Semillon is a type of white grape grown for wine in France.)


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