Slater won the Pipe yesterday. Check out this minute and a half video of a perfect 10 on a wave he rode. Even a non-surfer would regard this as a perfectly ridden wave. What other moments in sports are comparable? What trades are comparable?

Jim Sogi writes: 

Perfection. It's rare, but when it happens, it's the best. Yesterday the surf here was perfect. Same size as the pipe pictures, west swell, perfect form, no wind, perfect size. It was like the cover of a Beach Boys album.

There were only about 8 people out, all of whom I knew. I caught many waves and didn't fall. Caught them right on the peak, in the pit, dropped in, the wave walled up and then kickout on the inside. Just a perfect day. Everyone was hooting and hollering and smiling. A pretty girl in a bikini paddles by and says the waves are so good she feels like she's on drugs. Just perfect.

The other great thing is the perfect day of powder snow, sun, no wind, new snow, no people, untracked lines.

Another great thing is the perfect trade. Great volatility, good entry in size, and good mental condition to ride the trade to a good exit with no pain.

All very rare, but just the greatest thing. You have to watch and wait and then be on it when it happens.





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  1. Ed on February 6, 2014 7:50 pm

    I will mention my most perfect trade because it was in large part inspired by an idea I learned from Victor. Specifically, looking for turning points in major trends at year end. I started scalp type fading fixed income in Dec 2008 and built up a nice profit, then at the turn of the year 2009 I put on a monstrous position short the 30 year bond. Which is in large part why I no longer work for the man. The downside is that to this day I have constant urges to short fixed income, which fortunately I have not given in to or I would have almost certainly lost back my winnings.

    My next best trade of the past five years but much smaller dollar winnings was the Chilean monopoly on pension savings, ticker PVD. It never ticked a single tick lower than my buy level and I sold at within 1% of the exact top over 3 years later.

    My worst trade of the past 5 years was NRCIB, when I thought it was close to an arbitrage opportunity but I panicked at the low. I’m not like (never admit a gain) Victor, I need to think of my gains and not my losses or I can’t trade.

  2. Matthew on February 7, 2014 4:07 pm

    Well done Mr. W. Outstanding post.
    Very well done, Mr. Sogi with the feedback. One of your best comments, in my opinion.

    Best to you both.


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