The mocking press about Sochi accommodations shorts the many thousands of workers who made a great effort to create a venue where none existed previously. Given the well known corruption and central command government in Russia, expecting 5-star hotels by journalists, athletes, or spectators was never realistic.

"Journalists at Sochi are live tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences"

Putin bears much responsibility for the mockery so far, because of his ego, vested interests, tsarist regime, and hostility toward the West. Probably Gorbachev would have been given more slack, and would have rightly approached such a task more humbly. No doubt Mexico, under similar circumstances, would have been given a full pass.

There are many who believe we in the US are living under an increasingly repressive and controlling government. Russians have lived like this for a thousand years. One of their few permitted joys is pride over national sports. I for one hope they have reason to cheer at this Olympics.

Tim Melvin writes:

Mocking press my flaming ass. This is the Olympics and Russia committed to providing world class accommodations in their bid package. The rooms are not finished and some have no water. At least one hotel is telling people not to use the water on skin as it is dangerous. Do you think for a minute it would be this bad if Austria or South Korea had won the bid? If it was never realistic they should not have won the bid. Period.

Gary Rogan writes:

It's amazing how corrupt the whole world has gotten: very little of importance is done for the right reasons. Nobel prizes, Olympic venues, Global Warming. It used to be that individual countries and locales were corrupt, and that's still going strong, but globalization has led to global corruption. Everything is Kabuki theater of one form or another.





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  1. Steve on February 5, 2014 6:32 pm

    Can’t disagree with any of the above statements. The US and the Anglo countries just do a better job of concealing their corruption than the Russians.

    The Anglo countries also do much better managing their foreign aggression forays, secret police, and massive surveillance system than the Russians could ever dream of.

    Russia is simply a white Nigeria, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Ed on February 5, 2014 6:56 pm

    Tim, regardless of the status of your flaming ass, the press is indeed painting the tape w Sochi. It is not the story, but the story behind the story, what it achieves.

    Anon is correct in part - but I would say it is Putin’s fault in the way it is the fault of a celebrity when they get a cream pie in the face that becomes front page tabloid news.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to limit the Olympics to very wealthy first world countries, but I don’t think that is the policy. I don’t remember hearing China ridiculed - And I doubt it was do to the high standard of local accommodation.


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