Listening to Gay Ravenal in Showboat trying to induce Magnolia to live the life of ecstasy with a gambler, it reminds me of all other cons one is exposed to in market.

And one notes that Edna Ferber is the greatest writer for women who wish to love business and see how strong woman prosper in business.

Giant, and Chicago, as well as Showboat are all great for strong women to be, and those who wish to eschew gamblers.





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  1. vic on February 5, 2014 6:19 pm

    The sweet talk picture that Ravenal presents to Magnolia reminds me of the line I gave Susan 32 years ago. and Like Magnolia she bought it hook line and sinker. We did a lot of “make believe” at the time. but to my credit I never said ” googbye” to the kids at a lady’s seminary and became incumminado for 30 years before showing up at a celebratory performance of her at a conscious capitalism retreat. vic


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