Writing of Love, from Jay Pasch

February 14, 2007 |

 In keeping with the tradition of honoring St.Valentine, a few readings are offered here:

Kaballah, A Love Story, by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner:

This is a unique and very well written amalgamation of Hebrew mysticism, Kabbalist theosophy, the Zorah, cosmology, and human love. The novel prompts the reader to ponder the odds of how a group of Dusty Ones, from a time before written language, could have randomly developed the conscious thought of the universe's creation from a single father spark, the Botzina d'qardinuta, that is only now being affirmed as a leading theory of the universe's creation through the use of our present-day tools of advanced mathematics, astrophysics, cosmology, and astronomy, allowing us to reach back in time nearly to the event horizon of the universe's origin.

Darwin's Wink, A Novel of Nature and Love, by Allison Anderson:

True to the interests of Speclist, Darwin's Wink is a compelling story that weaves the emotional explorations of love, fertility, evolution, and survival, against an exotic and lush island setting.

Essential Manners For Men
, by Peter Post:

The great-grandson of Emily post offers the male gender guidance on proper form, etiquette, and manners, on what to do, when to do it, and why, in the areas of daily life, out on the town, on the job, sharing a habitat, meeting and greeting, dating, and flirting.


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