Risk is when things might go wrong or get worse. News often focuses on the possibility that things might get worse. People ask, aren't you afraid of getting killed? But things might get better.

A few days ago there were big waves in the 15 foot range. Upon arriving at the beach it was windy, cold and bumpy and rainy. I really had to drag myself into the water. When I got out into the line up conditions were terrible. Just me and my neighbor Alistair were out in the water. But then all of a sudden the wind died down, the rain stopped, and the waves started lining up real nice. There we were, just two of out in these really nice big waves. I love when that happens.

I watch the weather and wave reports and know when a good swell is about to hit. It's really a good feeling to go out when no one is out, and just as you get there the big swell hits.

It's a similar feeling when the market is tanking, things look might grim and you jump in, and lo and behold, things turn around. It's great to be in early.

In the big picture, old people say they regret the things they didn't do the most. It's important to jump in. Life is fragile. Drink deep while you can.





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