My sun loving family has just completed its 13th RV school break drive out to Disney! As always, there was another family coming with us from NYC, but this time was different, thanks to emergence of TravelPony start-up in an unmistakably competitive cyber-travel industry. TravelPony says that billions are spent daily by the industry on advertising, but that they're a rebel who pays their customer direct for cyber referrals, to foster a word-of-mouth pyramid.

I'll share with the list what I did: I bid on a smaller RV this time to transport to FL, thus improving my fuel-economy by a third (10mpg vs 7mpg over the 1100-mile one-way). Additionally, AMEX had a tremendous 20% off gas just to sync your CC via twitter and enroll in BP award offer, which paid back $5 on every $25 fill-up thru 12/31/13. So all I had to do to fill my 55-gallon tank in VA and SC at $3.039 regular pump was to replace the nozzle 4-5 times, registering separate $25.01, $25.02, $25.03, $25.04, $25.05 AMEX charges. Mind you that Blue Cash card stacks 3% cash-back on top, and also enrollment in the regular BP program knocks further 10 cents/gallon: the secret to any TRUE deal is necessarily stackable discounts!

So my fuel bill this time was handily downsized, but now (with a 3-bed RV vs. our usual 4-bed RV) I had to lodge the guest family in Disney proximity — and that's where Travel Pony trotted in. I did this:

1. Have my guest family email their Topcashback.com referral link to my email addresses, so they would earn $15 Paypal cash for EACH of my Topcashback.com email address that spends it's way to an at least a $12 cash back reward.

2. Log into Topcashback.com and click thru to TravelPony for 4-10% cash back on hotel/taxes spend. Once travelpony site opens in separate window, replace it with my referral , where I get $25 travelpony spend credit for the first purchase that every referred email account completes.

3. As every email account Signs Up for a travelpony account through my link, they will each instantly get a $35 spend credit into each email-based account they create. I also provide them discount code VIPONY2013 for 10% off of the already competitive Travelpony hotel rates (which are 10-20% below Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz, hotel.com, booking.com and such to start with).

4. TravelPony listed named (not anonymous) three-star resorts in Disney area at $29-45 double queen room! With a few practiced clicks thru, one email account at a time and one room at a time, I managed to string up effectively an entire week of complimentary stays: just utilizing the initial $35 per travelpony email account credits, my own $25 travelpony referral credits, topcashback percentage, Topcashback $15 per account referral cash and cashback on CC programs. I'm always available for any travel question, and we are looking forward to Feb 15-24 President Week break, followed by Spring Break April 11-22.

Orlando weather was a real treat this Xmas: in every resort, we actually opted for non-heated pool+jacuzzi combination, avoiding the more crowded heated pools. Happy New Year everyone!





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