There are several reasons the Oregon Ducks have become a powerhouse in football. I listen intently for life and trading lessons from this team.

Here are a few pointers:

Was it about what Kelly expected, based on the practice week Oregon had?

"We don't put a point total on it or think about it that way," he said. "But it's almost like, you studied really hard for the exam, and you can't wait for the professor to put it on your desk."

"Obviously it's not the same as a game-time situation, but throughout my career we've gone through practice scenarios, what we need to do if we are down six or down four, three," he said. "We try to make us feel uncomfortable. Whatever situation we end up being in, I think the team is prepared and is confident in our ability to be successful in those situations."

Coach Mark Helfrich echoed Mariota's sentiments, with his own catchphrase being making sure his players were "comfortable being uncomfortable."


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