One thing that I've learned about trading is that sometimes working harder does not help. Sometimes it's best to go surfing or take a vacation and forget about it for a while.

Ed Stewart writes:

I agree.

I think what confuses things is that a lot of modern 'work' is busyness without much productivity, yet people consider all of their time in the office to be work. Real productivity (other than manual labor), particularly creative work, seems to have a natural cycle, or rhythm, and the amplitude of different people's seems to be different.

For example, I have found that I work best in long stretches. After a focused stretch I need to rest and tune out. Time in nature is the best for this. If I try to fight the cycle my real productivity plummets and non-productive busyness sets in (including bad trades, impatience, cluttered, non-creative thinking, irritable, etc). 





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