A Pair of Pants in checkers occurs when the opponent's king is between your two checkers on the adjacent row above and below




The market often puts you in a pair of pants. Say you have a good position and you're long, and you're willing to buy a few points below, but you'll take your profit if it goes up a few points. Like today. But the market refuses to go down or up to let you win.

What other plays from checkers or chess resonate in the market? And can we learn something from them.

The pair of pants reminds me of the CTA who's down much for the year. He doesn't want to show a really good return for the month because his investors will get out. But he can't show a bad return either or else, the attorneys and vultures and clearing firm will be after him. 

Anatoly Veltman adds: 

It seems Chair totally forgot about the flying king of non-British checkers variety. The pattern played out perfectly courtesy of the latest FOMC surprise: the market flew exponentially to a record, driven by the news of the day — only to fly out the other end on logical wave of value-oriented profit-taking. In checkers, that combination is often used to END THE GAME.

Alan Millhone writes: 

Hello Anatoly,

Checkers is like the Market — you can study both forever and yet never figure out or master either. Either may master you.




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