Perhaps another myth:

As prices go higher, new materials are used to substitute: fiber optics; plastic for cars rather than iron and steel; etc.

Global warming (if it exists, which I doubt) seems mostly bearish for most agrarian items. This is because it will mean longer growing seasons and production in areas now too cold, hence larger supply.

Reply from George Zachar:

This should be countable. Has planted acreage spread north? Are grain shipments up on Canada's railways? Is the mix of crops changing in ways consistent with warmer climes at higher latitudes?

Two of my "you're a moron" global warming refutations are the facts that Greenland was under the plow, not ice, 1000 years ago, and there were vineyards north of London several centuries ago.

From Steve Leslie:

For those of you who are interested in global warming and the debate surrounding it, I recommend you read Michael Creighton's State of Fear.

It has plenty of suspense and intrigue as well as discussion of the merits of the scientific studies of global warming. It is very much a scientific novel. 

From Henry Gifford:

My understanding is that it is written by a fine writer who is not a scientist, and I'm not aware of any debate among scientists about what is causing global warming.

I have a copy of the Irish physisict John Tyndall's paper to The Royal Society wherin he identified CO2 as a greenhouse gas, which I understand was where the debate ended, over 150 years ago.

Stefan Jonanovich writes:

No one questions the increase in CO2 emissions as the result of human activity. What many scientists have questioned is, (1) whether CO2 is a significant contributor to the "greenhouse" mechanism as opposed to, for example, water vapor condensation triggered by increased gamma radiation, and (2) whether the recent observations of warming in some (but not all) parts of the globe have other and possibly more significant causes such as increased solar radiation.

These are reasonable questions. What is irrational is the extent to which discussion is being actively repressed even in the scientific community in the name of unanimity. What is shameful is that this global "emergency" has taken precedence over trivial matters like clean water for the million or so children who die every year of diarrhea, and cooking fuels other than wood fires for the millions of women whose lung functions are destroyed.


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