From the front page of The Arizona Republican, Phoenix, Arizona, May 19th, 1890:

WORK OF CONGRESS. Silver Legislation Has the Right of Way. Discussion of the Tariff to be Livelier. The River and Harbor Bill. Washington, May 18. - Silver will be the principal topic discussed in the senate again this week. The addresses in memorium of the late Representative Kelly, of Pennsylvania, will be delivered on Tuesday afternoon and Saturday will be devoted to the calendar. These are the only probably interruptions of the silver debate. The fist three days of the week in the House will witness the closing scenes of the tariff debate, which promises to become much more animated than heretofore. The river and harbor people are anxiously waiting for the first opportunity to call up their bill.

A TALK BY BISMARCK. Significant Remarks by the Old Soldier. Germany Will Never Attack France Unprovoked. The Empire Understands That The Czar Would Interfere In Behalf of France. PARIS, May 18. - Le Matin publishes an interview had with the French journalist, Des Soux, who was recently entertained by Bismarck. Bismarck referred to his resignation as a first class funeral, but added he was quite alive still. He declared, among other things, that Germany would never attack France or provoke France to attack her. Germany well understands that Russia would intervene to protect France, if attacked, just as Germany would aid Austria if Russia attacked her.

CUNNING SECRETAN. How the Frenchman bulled the Copper Market. Paris, May 18. - At the trial of the copper syndicate men it has been proved that Secretan, as director of the Societe des Metaux, distributed fictitious profits for 1887, and used improper means to bull copper, raising the price from 1000 francs per ton to over 2000 francs, and clearing within two months 10,000,000 francs. The defence is that the article of the penal code on the which the charge is based does not apply to this particular case. Hentsch, on being examined, admitted that while he was chairman of the Comptair Escompte he knew nothing of the dealings of that institution with the Societe des Metaux. He also testified that the board rarely listened to the manager's reports, simply letting things slide.

CHINAMAN BAPTIZED. He Sacrifices His Queue and Adopts the Christian Faith. Traver, Cal., May 18. - Yuen Lung, a Chinaman of more than ordinary intelligence, had his queue shaved off some time since, and to-day was baptized in the Christian faith by Rev. Mr. Hawkins. He has adopted the name of Charley Delzante. He conducts the dining room of the Delzante Hotel at this place.

WARLIKE ATTITUDE. The Czar Talks Business to the Porte. Constantinople, May 18. - The Porte has not yet replied to Russia's claim for the payment of the arrears of the war indemnity. The Russian Ambassador, in an urgent note to the Porte, demands the payment of arrears from the loan, otherwise, he adds, Russia will reserve the right to take further measures.

AN OCEAN RACE. Three Great Atlantic Steamers Struggling For Supremacy. London, May 18. - The Anchor Line steamer City of Rome sailed from Queenstown at 12:30 to-day. The Guion Line steamer Alaska sailed at 12:30 and the the Cunard steamer Aurania at 2 p.m. All went ahead on full steam directly after they cleared Queenstown harbor. There is heavy betting on the result of the race.


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