What can we learn from the various kinds of saws and their uses for our profit in markets and life? Is it a fruitful or frivolous question? I was induced to it by looking at the saw tooth pattern of the results from many different patterns, i.e. negative serial correlation of order 1 or n.

Alan Millhone comments: 

Dear Chair,

We had hand saws in the early days of carpentry. Akin to stock trading by ticker tape?

Today we have power saws and reciprocating saws for cutting lumber.

Along those advances in sawing we have the computer for making stock trades. Faster sawing (keep hands out of the saw blade path!). Same with that thin finger and trading as being careful when you hit send !

There are also estimating programs for figuring remodels etc. A program does one thing for sure — let's you make mistakes faster!

I prefer pad and pencil for estimating.

Sincerely Alan


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