One of the highlights of my trip to Japan was dining on the top of the mountain or hirobun in Kyoto. (photos can be found here). In addition to a magnificent meal starting with, "Here's the shogun. Let us make sure he gets to sit with a back on his chair" and ending at their accounting office where I paid– yes. We had 100 courses in the keirotsu style and the custard and abalone and sushi were great.

A highlight was looking down at the next set of benches at a geisha in training with her boss, the owner. I asked how much it might cost to have the pleasure of such a one, and the owner mistakenly thought it was a real life query rather than a hypothetical. I speculated 10 million yen. She responded, she couldn't even consider such a request as she already had a customer sitting next to her at the table and to feign interest in any other proposal would be discourteous. However, the price would have been 10 or 20 times a high as my hypothetical.





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