Hi Vic,

I continue to learn a lot about subtle aspects of my thinking/decision making process that presumably in the past has diluted whatever skill I may have in analyzing publicly available information.

My vehicle is an experimental stock portfolio that is diversified with about 32 stocks, no margin, always fully invested. Benchmark is the Russell Small Cap Growth Index.

Of the 522 mutual funds categorized as small cap growth, the number one ranked fund had a 1-year return through June of 34.4%. The experimental stock portfolio achieved a return of 34.3%.

I plan on periodically posting performance results on my website to cover a five year time horizon which began Jan 1, 2012.

Also, I'll be publishing an SSRN working paper discussing the details of how one can use the experience of managing money to uncover problems in how we perceive the world. I have found Perceptual Control Theory to be especially helpful in this regard.





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