Laurel told me her flight to Shanghai from the regional airport of Yichang was delayed 20 hours. I must admit I don't fly very frequently (thank God), but none of my flights in recent years were on-time, and this is countrywide not only in Beijing and Shanghai. Best delay was 3 hours and worst was 12 hours. This is much worse than say 5 years ago. It is a serious detriment to businesses and I believe it serves as a big drag to the economy. The key reasons as cited in the article are poor air traffic control and the occupation of the air space by the military.

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

I have heard that it is impossible to check your bags through from one country in China to the other and this adds to the number of delays which I have also heard comes from the restricted air space with the rest allocated to flexions.

"China's Airports, World's Worst for Delays"


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