Gerry Lopez, might not be the best surfer ever, but his style approaches sublime. No other surfer, ever, had the natural style of Lopez. I wonder whose style in the world of speculation is similar to his. 

It's his flow, the way he glides along the face, always on the best part of the wave, gets tubed, and casually stands up fully erect, shakes some water out of his hair, little smile on his face, then kicks out of the wave and starts over again. He is totally relaxed, zen-like, despite the conditions being really hairy.

What you never see with Lopez is the horrible wipeouts that he took as the cost of doing business. He was brutalized by the reefs under the waves, yet he always kept riding. Lopez's style is something a trader would want to emulate but on a different plane.

Richard Owen writes:

 An equivalent investor would be Crispin Odey.

The only man in town with enough style, accrued wealth, and know how to swing a book that actually looks like a hedge fund of old.

Able to turn gracefully on a wave before it engulfs him. Who pulls out the longboard, the quad, etc. dependent upon conditions. And who is likely as fascinating off the water as on.





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  1. Hasselle from Ecigz.net on September 4, 2013 12:41 pm

    Gerry Lopez, you are truly amazing. How can I personally meet you? Can you offer some surfing class? I would love to enroll if you offer it.


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