Blackjack tables seem to be the major profit centers in Vegas, and I don't see them going away anytime soon. The house has the edge when you're playing a "perfect game." Make one or two mistakes or deviations from the perfect game and the house vig goes to ~18%.

At the Riviera, if they suspect you are counting, that shoe gets reshuffled every other hand. On those non-regulated offshore gambling boats, they either put in a mechanic or a gaffed shoe to bury you. Blackjack, roulette, slots, lotto, keno, etc are way too tough for me.

Steve Ellison writes:

I had three fraternity brothers on the team referenced in the below article. The most obvious parallel with trading is that casinos won't tolerate any player who consistently wins. Casinos have rules against card counting, but the principle applies in other games, too. My wife knows a guy who has won big at video poker and is banned from several casinos.

"Aces Return to Vegas for Gaming Panel"

"Blackjack is the 'minor leagues,' said John Chang '85, one of three alums from the notorious MIT blackjack team who returned to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas May 28 for a panel discussion at the 15th International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking.

The Las Vegas Sun reported on the panel, at which Chang joined Houh '89, SM '91, PhD '98 and Andrew Bloch '91 for a frank discussion of the years-long streak that MIT students enjoyed, putting their math skills to practice.

Chang had to join the panel remotely, answering questions in a prerecorded session, since his ban from Caesar's (among other casinos) is still in effect. …"


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