Always something to learn when Federer is clearly beaten which can be applied to markets, especially in a market like today:

1. He was out of position, or better put, poorly positioned for all of the match.
2. Up early in the opening of the match, he failed to hold and close his early lead when he had clear opportunities.
3. He made errors in pivot points early in the second and third sets - giving away every chance to get back into the match.
4. He was a consummate professional in defeat in the post match - the opponent was better, played better, and deserved to win.

The pundits will like to call this another sign of his decline, etc. I'm not so sure. Particular in that his inability to hoist another championship trophy is now nearly fully priced in.





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  1. Niall Lambert on June 13, 2013 11:19 am

    I’m not ready to write him off yet, but it is interesting to notice how many of the up and coming players now have taken on his style of play. Don’t see him getting past Novak if he winds up in the final at Wimbledon though..Anyway, how the heck are ya?


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