To add to an already long list of differences between broadly who a speculator may be and who a gambler may be: the successful speculator generally leans onto the side of chance but an unsuccessful gambler is seeking chance to lean on his side.

Countless differences may exist and can be cited between who a speculator is and who a gambler is. When we cut it slightly finer, there are enough similarities between an amateur speculator and an amateur gambler. Same way, there are enough similarities between a professional speculator and a professional gambler.

To seek a generally acceptable set of common characteristics between successful gamblers and successful speculators, I often listen to "The Gambler " by Kenny Rogers [Youtube link].





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  1. Anonymous on May 17, 2013 2:20 pm

    It might be useful to take a step back and ask why the comparison demands so much hair splitting. Both activities require some unique skill or perspective that will elude most people in the first place. So their left to concerning themselves with noise around the event either way.

    When we ask “what’s the difference between speculators/gamblers and [people who really produce stuff]” the answer needs less nuance.


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