One walked past the Sherry Netherlands hotel tonight where the boy wonder, Jesse Livermore, took his life. The fact that The Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is considered one of the best books on investments ever written is guaranteed to happen. Anyone who follows his advice and example is 100% certain to go broke. His pyramiding, leveraging and vig paid were each in themselves 100% certain to cause his entire stake to go to the stronger hands and flexions and top feeders like the "banks". Naturally the book is recommended as the bible for new traders to read. I am chagrined when people come up to me and say that aside from Reminiscences, their favorite book is edspec. Fortuitously, I believe that none of the other authors on this site have had that horrible experiences. Nevertheless, just walking by the hotel, and seeing the models from Fifth avenue that the boy wonder wined and dined on his yacht walk by, just as leggy and beautiful as in his day 100 years ago, made me shudder. I saw a balding man dressed in nautical attire and a top hat exiting the hotel and I whisked Aubrey away and changed my sweater as soon as I got home. 


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