This article echoes a nice perspective on the American Revolution with a Harvard Princeton twist.

"When Austerity Pushed American Colonists to Revolution"

Stefan Jovanovich retorts: 

This is bad history. The Stamp Act was repealed in 1766, and the Royalists were completely in control. The few attempts at rebellion that happened after repeal were horribly unsuccessful; Sam Adams even lost his position as party boss of the Southies. When Ethan Allen arrived in Philadelphia to ask for supplies to reinforce the Green Mountain Boys' control of the New Hampshire Grants (what became Vermont), the Congress told him to do a full inventory of the cannon and powder that Allen and Arnold had captured at Ft. Ticonderoga. Why? Because Congress was offering to give it all back. The Revolution was anything but inevitable. But for the Battle at Breed's Hill, it would not have happened; even Concord and Lexington would have been papered over (warning - Stamp Act pun) if Gage had not decided to try to capture the colonists' two useless cannon that "threatened" (sic) his ships in Boston harbor. But, after Bunkers Hill, it was on. The 2,000 British soldiers suffered 55% casualties (the colonists' first volley was sot at a distance of 15 yards), Gage wrote to London asking for reinforcements of 30,000 men, the Congress decided that they had to get in front of the mob so it could be a parade by sending Washington to Boston, and the arrival of the cannon from Ticonderoga forced the British to abandon Boston. London did send the 30,000 and more but not to Boston but to New York.

How any of this applies to Cyprus is beyond me, especially since it is doubtful that the EU countries combined could currently mount an amphibious invasion of 3,000 men, let alone 10 times that number.





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  1. astro the family dog on May 7, 2013 8:55 pm

    Cyprus on my mind….

    Yes, the blessed ‘Revolution’ and all its Glory. The 56 so called men in action who never allow a vote to the most blessed ‘Constitution’ that we all hold so dear…

    The reason to be is if that vote was allow this bless Constitution would have been voted Down…! ‘hands down’ by the people. Best to shove it down the throats not to ‘gave’ rights, but in many ways to ‘take rights’.

    After 6 years of war way back then, you have that same all ruling class telling us as today, just what rights you are ‘allowed’. Think hard about that and see that what ‘is’, is truly a mere fiction of ones mind and just what a few others like you to believe should be.

    We are truly a great empire busting out on all sides, understanding that sometimes sides are not ’squared’ the way history reveals them to be.

    The world is so much closer today, and with every action the reaction is as equal here as there. We are seeing the topping of the ruling class once again, and they are searching everywhere for more wealth, when in fact the only wealth to be had is ‘losing wealth’.

    They have built this round on the great empire on the severe leverage of debt to no end. But, the end is in hand as a simple act of a small little nation to create the tidal wave ahead.

    That top 1-5% percent there will have lost nearly 50-70% of their wealth, as in this time of history that ’shot’ heard there will again be the ’shot heard around the world’ here.

    ——————Take special note of Warren Buffett’s derivative positions this weekend….

    But more so the note below…as Atlas is soon to Shrug…again.

    “Only twice before over the last century has 5 percent of the national income gone to families in the upper one-one-hundredth of a percent of the income distribution…Such concentration at the very top occurred in 1915 and 1916, as the Gilded Age was ending, and again briefly in the late 1920s, before the stock market crash…The great fortunes today are largely a result of the long bull market in stocks, Mr. Volcker said. Without rising stock prices, stock options would not have become a major source of riches for financiers and chief executives. Stock prices rise for a lot of reasons, Mr. Volcker said, including ones that have nothing to do with the actions of these people. The market did not go up because businessmen got so much smarter.” Louis Uchitelle, The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age


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