I have always followed the Baltimore Orioles because in high school I caught for Dave McNally one of their star pictures.

But this story is not about Dave. It is about Cal Ripken, the guy who always played and set the record for the most consecutive games. There probably should be an asterisk in the record book from a story I was told here by a former well-connected resident of Baltimore.

It seems Cal came home to find that his wife and the gardener, or tennis player, I forget which, were having an affair. He beat one or both of them up, got arrested and was tossed in jail overnight. Which meant he couldn't show up in time for a game.

So what happened? He was loved so much by the local people, as being really one of them, one of the working class, that the electricians went to bat for him.

At game time there were problems with the lighting, they flickered on and off. I actually remember seeing this because of following Dave Nalley's Orioles. So that part of the story I know it's true. My friend here said once the electricians heard that Cal had some problems getting to the game they began to see what they could do. There was a rumor he had been released and was on his way to the stadium so the lights came back on. Then they found out he had not been released. So the lights flickered a little bit more, then turned off with the electricians saying there was a major electrical outage problem and they would not be able to get the lights back on for that game.

Cal was released the following morning and able to play the next day's game, keeping his streak intact. That ladies and gentlemen of the dailyspec, and Orioles fans, is the story of "The night the lights went out in Baltimore.





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  1. tom on April 12, 2013 9:12 pm

    Ok, lets check the facts on this. False, made up story. Let me guess, your friend knows his wife with Kevin Costner? Stop posting stupid crap. Cal was at the game in August 1995 you are referencing.

  2. astro the family dog on April 12, 2013 9:17 pm

    On September 29, 1933, Gehrig stood in his shirt sleeves with Eleanor in her apron in the living room of the small apartment they were in the process of moving into. The mayor of New Rochelle, NY, Walter G. C. Otto, married them in the presence of a few family members, the moving men, and some plumbers who all took time out of their assigned move-in duties. The ceremony was minutes long. Immediately afterwards, the two changed clothes, got their picture taken, then headed via police escort to the Stadium for the afternoon game.

    Everyone needs a bit help once in a while..:)…getting to the game and all.

    ————The Yankees retired Gehrig’s uniform number “4″, making him the first player in Major League Baseball history to be accorded that honor.

  3. Astro the family dog on April 15, 2013 8:01 pm


    I thought the story was cute..I never watch sports any more, …its just boring. But, I like the pun…of the story..

    Ripken was a great ball player…and I do think the story of old iron-side is a good one too…more than likely stretch but good as to how others were at different times in history.

    Baseball is as bad as ‘golf’,,ever take notice a golf player at any age!!!!..he/she always uses the club like a cane when they bend down to pick the ball up in that little hole!

    What gives…


    If you watch basketball…its like watching tall men in womens slips…running around…with ‘rainbows’ on their bodies with colors! :) )

    Jerry West were are you…?

    Any way..I seldmon find market info here any way…but the site is a nice and easy time away from the real hard stuff..the post was a good one.


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