I got a rook who sits behind me. And occasionally in the heat of the moment when getting oneself out of a trade I mistakenly close the whole position out and his gets closed out also. And if it goes in his favor after I hear him sighing and shaking his head and frowning and holding up his hands in Yiddish disgust, and rocking back in his old squeaky chair. I am reminded of when I played squash doubles with Vic Elmaleh who was 40 years my senior. Whenever I missed a shot, he acted exactly the same. Would hold up his hands in disgust and mutter imprecations under his breath. "It was yours. Why weren't you there". (One reason was that I was covering 75% of the court.) We won the national doubles 43 years ago (losing more points than we won in the process. Every match a 5 gamer). I still hear him complaining.





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  1. Jeff Watson on March 15, 2013 7:12 pm

    I too have a rook, and am getting weary as I’m getting old and human interaction with tyros and amateurs is a waste of the limited time I have left on this planet. Any good move you know where I can surrender him, but keep the bishop and protect my queen?


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