My friends Susan and Marc Strausberg, the founders of EDGAR Online, have created a new Internet product that provides instant and specific answers to financial questions via mobile devices; 9W Search.

9W's name comes from the punch line to a vaudeville joke answer to the question "Herr Wagner, does your last name start with the letter V?"

Our web site uses recent disruptive technology in hardware; the latest tablets and smart phones have greater ability to provide remote access to financial information.

9W's granular search results are enabled by the new software technology, XBRL, a financial tagging language that requires that each element in a financial report be given a unique "bar code", assuring that each individual number remains constant throughout the entire financial reporting supply chain.

In time 9W expects that the XBRL standard will become ubiquitous as part of all accounting software packages and for regulatory filings. More government agencies, here and abroad, plan to adopt XBRL in the future to satisfy their need for more efficiency and transparency and, when ready, much more data will be available for inclusion into the 9W platform. (Examples of future 9W sources of data are the EPA, FDA and Department of Energy reports).

* 9W Search can be used by nearly all mobile device users as well as standard PCs.

* 9W is not the best choice for deep analysis but is aimed at a broad underserved market.

* 9W returns SIMPLE FACTUAL ANSWERS to queries -not opinions.

* The primary source of 9W answers is the ocean of SEC filings; our data base contains all of the up-to-the-minute SEC submissions, a entire document history going back five years, and all filings made in XBRL (the new tagging language required by the SEC).

* 9W provides Instant comparisons of single financial metrics and ratios (more than 200 are available in our data base with more to come) for up to three companies at a time.

* All reports can be downloaded into Excel or PDF and shared via email, Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.

* 9W sources of non-SEC information are direct links to other web sites.

* 9W is able to answer queries about highly specific facts, located in "footnotes," "insider sales data," "management changes," and "real time stock prices"

* 9W will work on all operating systems for PC's (Windows 7 & Windows 8, Google Chrome, Firefox and all the rest).





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