There is nothing like the exuberance of a bull market. All the long keep augmenting their purchasing power. And their colleagues wish to get in on the bullish drive. Sold out bulls rue the day they tried to time it and get out or were forced out like on Dec 26th. The news stories all draw attention to good news. And the President looks "straight" (ahead) from the home shores, and the wives look like Marilyn Monroe. Who would have the courage to go against the last few points to S&P futures 1500 or dow 14000. I often found myself fighting such bull moves when I was at the palindromes near the summer holidays. I'd be the only one fighting the trend in the room and there would be trillions of purchasing power there, all augmented by nubile women from this country and the former Iron. Thank goodness for once, the trillions are not totally against me.

The only thing that would interrupt the Palindrome's chess game was a call from this central or another. "We'd like to share together what we're doing so we could work together". "Fine, I'd be delighted," a palindrome would say. And another trillion would be added against me, all waiting for the weekend to end so that they could augment in force. 





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