Tennis Musings, from Craig Mee

January 24, 2013 |

 1. Serena Williams was 1.01 at the table running into yesterdays match… she lost.

The fact that she injured her ankle earlier in the tournament and had played a two hour + doubles match with her sister the day before, may of been canaries for value betters for her protege.

What markets get hurt and then try to keep up, push even harder and spread their wings further, only to be exposed, their previous strength and formidable durability becoming more of a hindrance than a help in present decision making.

2. With the champions of tennis, like trees, having the ability to be flexible and be thinkers when it gets tight, you would think David "the Machine" Ferrer would be a good sell tonight, since a man of his absolute focus and steam engine mind set will struggle to ever win a major, as the versatility does not seem to be with him, although no one would want any other right hand man next to them when going over the trenches in the heat of battle.

The ability to take away risks and ease them back on when needed, massaging your position, in changing market conditions, need a similar flexible mindset to Novak. 





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