Note my blog to Laker Nation below:

D'Antoni is a D'isaster. He caused almost as much havoc IN NY as Superstorm Sandy. Apart from what everybody knows that there is no D in Antoni and his penchant for trying to cram square pegs into the round black hole of his offense, e.g., expecting Pau to run like a 20 year old guard and play on the perimeter, his constantly changing rotation which ignores other proven talent like Jameson's 18+ career PPG including last year, is making the Lakers perform like a novice high school girls' team caught in the act of stealing each other's prom dates. Strategy like starting Darius Morris who runs around like a chicken without a head as he drives head-on to the basket and misses most layups while rarely passing off, is as dumb as a Hatfield like him walking into the West Virginia lair of his family's mortal enemies, the McCoys. Before his enemies get wind of his whereabouts, D'Antoni should hightail it out of here and resign as he did in NY and slink off in the middle of the night. That would only be poetic justice for the heinous crime perpetrated by Jim Buss on Laker Nation when he woke PJ up in the middle of the night to inform him that his services would not be required. Then Buss should prostrate himself at the feet of the Zen Master and beg him to come back for 15 mil or so. That will pay for Jeanie's ring and put the purple and gold on the path toward their own ring # 17!





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